Friday, July 24, 2009

Well I got totally bored with the 27 things. I did most of them but just didn't see where I would or could use any of them. I must say they were fun.
After I got bored with the 27 things I just gave up on my blog. Yes I am still making dinner. This time of year all I do is BBQ's. The kids & Grandkids still come every Sunday to chow on mom's food, which is a good thing.

I went to Texas to visit my youngest son. We ate at some really good places and one really bad place. We had some beer and burgers at the UFO beer place. That was good food and good beer. They have those Taco trailers in Austin, but the sell EVERYTHING out of them. We had a delicious Vietnamese sandwich from one, I had the Lemongrass pork. It was made with julienned carrots, cukes, and jalapeño peppers. There was a kind of mild vinegar sauce on them yum I tell you yum! I had my first bubble tea, which will probably be my last; I loved the tea not a big fan of the bubbles.

Parkwalk was our bad restaurant it was our fancy night out, we were all let down. I loves me a martini and hadn't had one in ages so I ordered one here thinking since the bar was the biggest part of the restaurant, they would have good drinks. Wrong! It was the worst martini I have ever had. The food was horrible I had pork cheek that was overdone and tasteless. My son ordered the scallops, he said they tasted ok but the portions were VERY small.

The last place we ate before headed to the airport was SPIDER HOUSE WOW, what a great place to have breakfast. We ate outdoors among the conglomeration of odds and ends, I took a few pictures and will add them in here, although my phone is the only camera I own so bear with me : ) We had the best Bloody Mary I have ever had. Bagels with everything topped with cream cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes and onions with chips. What a way to start the day.

Next my adventures in making my own dog food.

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